1st Phase of Minting is Ended!

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Other NFTs could collapse at any moment. Not with us.

First collection of Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Colline Teramane wine from Italy combines the value of holding a rare physical asset with a suite of Defi mechanics, DAO access, and exclusive collector benefits from being part of the Winesis community.

You'll receive a Real Wine bottle connected directly to our protocol. You can hold in your hands a piece of art that grows in value over time.


Are you ready for NFTs?

No more zero floor price

Other NFTs could collapse at any moment.
Not with us.

Whenever a Winesis kNFT or physical bottle is sold or resold, a percentage of the sale price (7%) is allocated to a monetary fund linked to the collection. Each NFT will have a guaranteed value over time (5 years).

  • Locked and growing floor price
  • 5 years guaranteed
  • 50% ETH + 50% USDW Liquidity
Flash Loans

Liquidity made simple.
50% ETH.
50% USDW.

Liquidity as a floor price is guaranteed half by stable coin and half by ethereum. As a holder of Winesis kNFT you are entitled to a slice of liquidity at the end of the 5 years. In these years you will earn both with the sales of NFTs and with the interest expense generated by the loans. We are talking about the first NFT which, as its value, could have other NFTs as collateral. Crypto + NFT = Winesis kNFT. K stands for key, because only you have the key to open liquidity.

Automated DAO

Not just only proposals.
Your Automated Execution Protocol.

Most DAOs follow a different path than ours. Holders can vote on the proposals the team asks for. With Winesis, you vote on the proposals made by the public and they are executed immediately after the established deadline. People propose, you vote, the system executes automatically.

  • Collateral Decisions Automatic Execution
  • Earn actively and passively
  • Stablecoin bridged for multiple blockchains
First Project of its kind

First Roadmap

1. Minting Period
900 unique kNFT and 100 special edition. We yeld 15% splitted in:

10% in 3 treasury jackpot wallet;

5% to help victims of alchool;
2. Selling Period
Minters can start the sales of NFT. There will be 12% of fee splitted in:

3% to marketing;
6% as liquidity for NFT;
1% as liquidity for real wine bottles;
1% in 3 treasury jackpot wallet (addedd to liquidities after the draw);
1% devolved to Alcoholics Anonymous;
3. Golden Period
Minters will receive the real bottle. 3 Lucky winners will be drawn to receive a gold card in bottle that contains the private key of the wallet. The private keys will unlock the 3 treasury described before. Each minter can potentially win 50,000$+trading fees per bottle.
4. Charity Period
We'll devolve the money to Alcoholics Anonymous

Guaranteed Riserva.

Italian Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Colline Teramane Controlled Denomination of Origin.

Montepulciano 100%.

210 m a.s.l.

Row, simple guyot.
More Details
Creators Features

Reshape your NFTs.
Endless Protocol.

Solidity framework

Easily integrate our framework into your smart contract. Only few lines of code, don't worry. You can ensure a safer system for your holders.

Growing Liquidity

Link your "creator fee" and contract to our protocol and get a new growing floor price. Use our protocol 'flosys' to build something new.

Flexible Parameters

You can choose the percentage and how to use it. As loan funds or stable coin. You can also allow holders to withdraw a sum and other features.

Powerful dApp

Manage your reserve. Get new panel for your holders where they can interact with real collection floor price and liquidity.

NFT Market Order

Interact with NFTs such as coins. Anyone can buy and resell NFTs directly from the creator at a variable or fixed return price.

NFT Exchange

Holders will be able to exchange their NFTs with those of other creators. Same guaranteed value. Same security. Same reliability.

It's your special chance.

Our mission is developing a new way of giving value to NFT and physical objects

World's first kNFT Wine Bottle

900 unique and 100 special kNFT.
You'll receive a Real bottle of wine that connects an unlockable NFT & Smart Contract with a physical good.

Fees are important.

On every sell after minting: 3% to marketing, 6% as liquidity locked for bottle, 1% as guaranteed floor price locked for bottle, 1% in 3 treasury jackpot wallet, 1% to Alcoholics Anonymous.

Not Just an NFT

When all bottles will be minted and after selling period, 3 lucky winners will receive a gold card in bottle that contains the private key of the treasury.

Do you need more?

Take a look at these numbers

Scenario 1

After minting.
You've minted one bottle.

Your Potential Jackpot Win

Scenario 2

After sales.
Everyone has selled their kNFT at 10x. (First sale)

Bottle's floor price guaranteed for 5 years

NFT's floor price guaranteed for 5 years

Your Potential Jackpot Win

Scenario 3

You've received the bottle.
Everyone continues to sell their kNFT at 10x.

Bottle's floor price guaranteed for 5 years

NFT's floor price guaranteed for 5 years

Your Potential Jackpot Win

Scenario Over & Over

Everyone continues to sell their kNFT.

Bottle's floor price guaranteed for 4 years

NFT's floor price guaranteed for 4 years

Your Potential Jackpot Win
You've already bought your dream whatever it is!

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